Coffee pests along a management gradient

PhD project - Beyene Zewdie Hailu

In this study we investigate the relationship between disease intensity, genetic diversity, biodiversity and yield of coffee, Coffea arabica along a wide management gradient of coffee in southwestern Ethiopia.

We aim to answer the following questions:

Does the intensity of the major fungal diseases on coffee vary along the gradient? See here.

How does the temporal variation in the intensity of diseases relate to their natural enemies?

How strong is the biocontrol potential of the natural enemies?

How does the severity of diseases relate to variation in genetic diversity of coffee in its native range?    

How do biodiversity and yield relate along the gradient?


  • Ayco Tack, Department of Ecology, Environment, and Plant sciences, Stockholm University

New papers:

  • Zewdie, B., Tack, A.J.M., Adugna, G., Nemomissa, S. & Hylander, K. 2020. Patterns and drivers of fungal disease community on Arabica coffee along a management gradient. Basic and Applied Ecology 47: 95-106 (e-view).

  • Zewdie, B., Tack, A.J.M., Ayalew, B., Adugna, G., Nemomissa, S. & Hylander, K. 2021. Temporal dynamics and biocontrol potential of a hyperparasite on coffee leaf rust across a landscape in Arabica coffee’s native range. Agriculture, Ecosystems and the Environment 311: xx-xx. (e-view)