Kristoffer Hylander


Landscape ecologist with an interest in patterns and determinants of species richness and composition in space and time in both natural and human modified landscapes. I have most experience from forest systems (boreal forest and montane tropical forests), but have also been studying tropical agricultural landscapes.

My SU-webpage with contact details.

Master students

PhD students


Caroline Greiser



I did my PhD in Kristoffers group on microclimate at range margins of understory species in Sweden. Currently I am amployed as a researcher looking at long-term outcomes of a transplant experiment and modelling microclimate in a butterfly lab with Philipp Lehmann.

Twitter: @linegreis

Beyene Zewdie


Postdoc in Ayco Tacks lab

I did my PhD in Kristoffers group and defended in December 2020. Now I am postdoc in Ayco Tacks group but still with collaboration with Kristoffer. I am broadly interested in studying the interaction between plants, pests and pathogens and their natural enemies across a range of habitats spanning from natural to managed systems




Maria Johansson


Fire/grazing impacts on biodiversity and carbon storage in heathlands and savanna systems in Ethiopia

Jan 2014- Jan 2020

Hilde Nystad

Master student

Identification and conservation of potential microrefugia and stepping stones in Swedish forest landscapes

Degree: 2017

Johan Dahlberg

PhD student

The role of microclimate for the performance and distribution of forest plants

Degree: June 2016

Eric Meineri


Modelling topoclimate and species distributions

May 2013–May 2015

Mari Nilsson

Master student

Actaea spicata in the northern parts of its range: variation in population parameters in relation to abiotic and biotic factors

Degree: 2014

Jörgen Rudolphii


Coffee agrophorestry systems in Mexico and Ethiopia

Sept 2011-Dec 2012

Aaron Gove


Bird diversity in tropical agroecological landscapes

May 2007-July 2008

Tanya Strydom

Master student

Declines and increases in southern and northern plant species populations to changes in microclimate conditions

Degree: 2020

Benny Willman

Master student

Do cold microclimate favor northern boreal species at their southern range margin?

Degree: 2017

Olga Krali

Master student

Vascular plants in buffer strips

Degree: 2016

Victor Johansson


Dispersal mechanisms in bryophytes

Sept 2012-June 2014

Debissa Lemessa

PhD student

Pests and pest controlling organisms in relation to forest and tree-cover

Degree: June 2014

Andreas Engelen

Master student

Comparing avifauna communities and bird functional diversity of forest and farmland in Ethiopia

Degree: 2012

Kirsi Jokkinen

Master student

Primary succession 10 years after a catastrophic flood in Fulufjället

Degree: 2008

Moritz Stüber

Master student

Top-down pest control by ants  on common coffee pests along the gradient of intensification in Ethiopian Arabica coffee growing systems

Degree: 2019

Ulrika Samnegård

PhD student

The impact of forest on pest damage, pollinators and pollination services

Degree: April 2016

Carl Frisk

Master student

Diversity of vascular plants along a fire consequence in Ethiopia

Degree: 2016

Niklas Lönnell

PhD student

Dispersal of bryophytes across landscapes

Degree: March 2014

Johannes Forsberg

Master student

Förekomst och rekrytering av lönnvid dess nordgräns i relation till klimatvariation i tid och rum

Degree: 2012

Martin Schmalholz

PhD student

Resistance and recolonization of bryophyte assemblages following disturbances

Degree: June 2010

Samuel Johnson

Master student

The response of bryophytes to wildfire –to what extent do they survive in-situ?

Degree: 2007