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Kristoffer Hylander


Landscape ecologist with an interest in patterns and determinants of species richness and composition in space and time in both natural and human modified landscapes. I have most experience from forest systems (boreal forest and montane tropical forests), but have also been studying tropical agricultural landscapes.

My SU-webpage with contact details.

Master students


Isabelle Severholt

Master student 

Master student interested in ecology, botany and climate change studies. I'm researching effects of extreme drought on plant reproduction, specifically investigating lagged effects one year after drought exposure.

Stuart Fell.jpg

Stuart Fell

Master student 

I’m interested in ecology, climate change and biodiversity management. Through my masters project, I aim to understand how microrefugia can help forest species adapt to climate change by investigating the microclimatic preferences of a boreal orchid, Calypso bulbosa. This is done in connection with Jonathon Winnels PhD-project.

PhD students


Matilda Arnell



My main interest is to understand plant distribution patterns. To this end I digitize and analyze historical range maps and relate range shifts to changes in land use, climate and plant traits.

Twitter: @matilda_arnell


Jonathon Winnel

Master student

Maria Johansson


Fire/grazing impacts on biodiversity and carbon storage in heathlands and savanna systems in Ethiopia

Jan 2014- Jan 2020

Hilde Nystad

Master student

Identification and conservation of potential microrefugia and stepping stones in Swedish forest landscapes

Degree: 2017

Johan Dahlberg

PhD student

The role of microclimate for the performance and distribution of forest plants

Degree: June 2016

Eric Meineri


Modelling topoclimate and species distributions

May 2013–May 2015

Mari Nilsson

Master student

Actaea spicata in the northern parts of its range: variation in population parameters in relation to abiotic and biotic factors

Degree: 2014

Jörgen Rudolphii


Coffee agrophorestry systems in Mexico and Ethiopia

Sept 2011-Dec 2012

Aaron Gove


Bird diversity in tropical agroecological landscapes

May 2007-July 2008

Ditte Christiansen


Tanya Strydom

Master student

Declines and increases in southern and northern plant species populations to changes in microclimate conditions

Degree: 2020

Benny Willman

Master student

Do cold microclimate favor northern boreal species at their southern range margin?

Degree: 2017

Olga Krali

Master student

Vascular plants in buffer strips

Degree: 2016

Victor Johansson


Dispersal mechanisms in bryophytes

Sept 2012-June 2014

Debissa Lemessa

PhD student

Pests and pest controlling organisms in relation to forest and tree-cover

Degree: June 2014

Andreas Engelen

Master student

Comparing avifauna communities and bird functional diversity of forest and farmland in Ethiopia

Degree: 2012

Kirsi Jokkinen

Master student

Primary succession 10 years after a catastrophic flood in Fulufjället

Degree: 2008

Moritz Stüber

Master student

Top-down pest control by ants  on common coffee pests along the gradient of intensification in Ethiopian Arabica coffee growing systems

Degree: 2019

Ulrika Samnegård

PhD student

The impact of forest on pest damage, pollinators and pollination services

Degree: April 2016

Carl Frisk

Master student

Diversity of vascular plants along a fire consequence in Ethiopia

Degree: 2016

Niklas Lönnell

PhD student

Dispersal of bryophytes across landscapes

Degree: March 2014

Johannes Forsberg

Master student

Förekomst och rekrytering av lönnvid dess nordgräns i relation till klimatvariation i tid och rum

Degree: 2012

Martin Schmalholz

PhD student

Resistance and recolonization of bryophyte assemblages following disturbances

Degree: June 2010

Samuel Johnson

Master student

The response of bryophytes to wildfire –to what extent do they survive in-situ?

Degree: 2007

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