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There are plenty of opportunities to engage in our research. Bachelor and Master projects, PhD or postdoc positions or other collaborations. Please don't hesitate to write an email to kristoffer.hylander(at) or just drop by in my office at Svante Arrhenius väg 20 A.


Tip: if you are a master student, look at the Projects page and see if you get interested in any of those projects. See also titles of previous projects on the Alumni section in the People page.

Examples of possible master projects:


When do mosses grow and do that pattern vary with microclimatic positions in the landscape?

The climatic conditions that plants experience in the understory of trees in the forest determine how and when they grow, survive and reproduce.


In this project you will study:

  1. Do growth and vitality of understory plants relate to microclimatic conditions?

  2. When do mosses grow most and do microclimatic conditions affect the timing of moss growth?

Start of the project is spring/summer 2024


Ant diversity in coffee agroforests. Join a field campaign in SW Ethiopia and explore how ant diversity varies along a coffee management gradient. 

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