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Water use, water quality/quantity and biodiversity across landscapes - synergies adn trade-offs in an era of climate chnage and modernization.

PhD-student: Obsu Hirko

This is an interdisciplinary project with components of hydrology, human geography, development science and ecology.

We will compare watersheds with different composition of forests, coffee agroforests, grazing land and annual crop fields. In each watershed we will look at how people use their water, measure stream flow and water quality as well as biodiversity associated with the water courses.

PI: Kristoffer Hylander

in collaboration with:

- Zahra Kalantari, Dept. of Physical Geography, Stockholm University

- Lowe Börjeson, Dept. of Human Geography, Stockholm University

- Feyera Senbeta, College of Development Studies, Addis Ababa University

- Samuel Hylander, Department of Biology and Environmental Science, Linnaeus University

- Sileshi Nemomissa at the Department of Plant Biology and Biodiversity Management, Addis Ababa University

- Sintayehu Legesse, Department of Natural Resource Management, Jimma University

- Regina Lindborg, Department of Physical Geography

- Ayco Tack, Department of Ecology, Environment, and Plant sciences, Stockholm University


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