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Extrem torka


Short movie in Swedish about Kristoffer Hylander's Formas-financed project about the effects of extrem drought on biodiversity in boreal forests. Irena Koelemeijer do her PhD within this project and one of her projects is described. 

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Tänk även på mikroklimatet


Caroline Greiser and Kristoffer Hylander were interviewed in the Swedish Forestry Board's magasin "Skogseko" about climate change adaptation of biodiversity conservation (see page 31-32).


SKA22 seminar


Caroline Greiser participated as an invited speaker at a seminar on the future of the forests in Sweden ("Modelling biotic and abiotic forest disturbances under a changing climate").The Swedish Forest Agency and SLU arranged this seminar jointly as part of the work to develop and produce new national long-term scenario analysis for Swedish forests (SKA22).


Brand på hyggen påverkar pollinerare

Swedish popular science article

in Fakta Skog about how pollinating insects are affected by fire on clearcuts, by Victor Johansson et al.

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Artrika skogar, konflikt med vilda djur och riktigt gott kaffe

Swedish popular science article

on coffee and biodiversity in Ethiopia produced by Bolin Centre for Climate Research (Eva Gylfe)


Biodiversity and people in SW Ethiopia

Popular science booklet in English, Amharic and Afan Oromo


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