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Climate adaptation of forest biodiversity

In this project we will identify regugia for retreating cold-favoured species in boreal forests.


Water use and biodiversity in Ethiopia

In this interdisciplinary project we study synergies and trade-offs between water use, water quality/quantity and biodiversity across watersheds with different land-use composition. Financed by VR.


Effects of drought on understory plants

Using both observational and experimental studies, in this PhD project we investigate how extreme weather events (in particular droughts) affect forest biodiversity.

Financed by Formas.

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Impacts of the Heath Star Moss on Entomofauna in Sweden

Here we investigate the impacts of an invasive moss on the diversity, abundance and composition of ground dwelling arthropods in southern Sweden. 


Distribution of broadleaved trees

Here we aim to understand the response of broadleaved tree species distribution in relation to climate change. Have species already started to expand their latitudinal distribution northward? What is the gap between the realized and potential distribution?

Financed by Carl Trygger's foundation. 


Effects of UV radiation and drougt on Sphagnum spore vitality

In this project we want to assess how Sphagnum spores that disperse over long distances are affected by drought and UV stress. 


Microclimate and species distributions

The overall aim of this PhD project is to answer questions related to how southern and northern forest understory species are affected simultaneously by climate and land use (forestry) changes, and how forest microclimate influences these dynamics.

Financed by Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm University.


Microlimate impacts on range shifts

In this PhD project we measure, model and map forest microclimate and investigate how microclimate affects species range margins. Can northern species survive in microrefugia?  What role plays forest management in shaping microclimate and range shifts?

Financed by Formas.

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Coffee pests along a management gradient

This PhD project research how biodiversity and diseases on coffee vary along management gradients with different environmental complexity in SW Ethiopia.

Financed by VR.

Gomma_coffee_plantation_2(Photo_Biruk Ay

Relationship between climate, disease and coffee yield

This PhD project is focused on understanding how spatial and temporal variation in the macro- and microclimate affects coffee production and coffee diseases.

Financed by Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm University. 

Main PI: Ayco Tack, Co-PI: Kristoffer Hylander

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