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Beyene Zewdie defended his thesis!

On December 16th, 2020, it was finally the big day – the dissertation day for Beyene Zewdie. His thesis is entitled "Fungal disease dynamics, genetic variation and biodiversity-yield relationships – a study along a gradient of coffee management in southwestern Ethioipa"

Due to the corona-situation we had to run the whole dissertation over zoom. Anna Pettersson had made it beautiful with all the flowers in the room!

The opponent Jacque Avelino did a great job scrutinizing Beyenes thesis including questions on how the studies were designed and possible problems with correlations between predictor variables, how to master a complex fieldwork, variability in dynamics of diseases across the landscape, possibilities for certification to increase incomes for farmers etc etc.

The committee consisted of Mattias Jonsson, SLU, Uppsala, Åsa Lankinen, SLU, Alnarp,

Ulla Carlsson-Graner, Umeå University with Per Ola Karis from our department as stand in.

Beyene did a great gob and mastered the great majority of the questions very well!


... and we all wish you good luck with the next steps!

Everyone except a few had to follow the event from their computer. Some thought the flowers were a viritual background, but they were not!

A proud trio - From left: Ayco Tack, Beyene Zewdie and Kristoffer Hylander.

/ Kristoffer

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