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Biodiversity in streams in Ethiopia

I have good news! Today (2021-01-12) our application on "Water use, water quality/quantity and biodiversity across landscapes - synergies and trade-offs in an era of climate change and modernization" was granted by VR/SIDA!

It is an interdisciplinary project with components of hydrology, human geography, development science and ecology in collaboration with among others Zahra Kalantari and Lowe Börjeson from Stockholm University, Feyera Senbeta from Addis Ababa University and Samuel Hylander from Linnaeus University.

Conceptual illustration of the project. Each of the work packages 1-3 address one major aspect of water in the landscape. WP4 is located in the center of the figure, but is also the core of the project, and deals with potential synergies and trade-offs between societal goals associated with each of the three surrounding topics. Examples of three such hypothesized relationships are illustrated in the graphs to the right in the figure (using the same color coding). Importantly, the landscape and society is embedded in a current context of climate change and modernization, which likely will modify the target relationships.

Small stream in the background where the cattle are watered. In the forefront a facility for washing coffee that create waste water.



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