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Caroline Greiser's dissertation

On October 14 Caroline Greiser successfully defended her thesis entitled "Microclimate at range margins – consequences for boreal forest understory species". She was thoroughly scrutinized by the opponent Prof. Alistair Jump, from University of Stirling, UK and evaluated by the committee consisting of Prof Thomas Ranius (SLU), Dr. Anne Bjorkman (Göteborg University) and Dr. Robert Muscarella (Uppsala University). Caroline had a great presentation in the start, followed by a very interesting presentation by Alistair Jump after which the questioning started.

This was the first time we had a mixed distance/live dissertation. All technical things went smooth and Peter Hambäck and Irena Koelemeijer did a great job at the computer and camera when sending over zoom from Vivvi Täckholm lecture hall.

A happy Caroline after the announcement that she had passed; together with Kristoffer Hylander, Ove Eriksson (who chaired the session) and Thomas Ranius (who chaired the committee).

/ Kristoffer (proud supervisor)

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