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Ditte Christiansen defended her PhD-thesis

At 9:00 the dissertation started with a very nice and clear presentation by Ditte about her thesis entitled: “Responses of boreal forest understory plant communities to climate and forestry”.

The opponent Prof. Signe Normand from Aarhus University in Denmark started off with difficult questions on implications for forest management and challenged Ditte on certain aspects of species niches and interactions between climate variables.

Ditte did a great job and we as listeners had an interesting time listening to the discussion that was sharp but very friendly! We are very happy for the contribution of Signe! The committee, composed of Nina Sletvold, Tord Snäll and Johan Olofsson, seemed very happy when they announced the positive decision and congratulated Ditte in the DEEP lunchroom after their meeting. Rhonda Snook was stand in but didn’t have to act since everyone was present and healthy. This was the first time since long with every main player in the room. However, over zoom we had 37 persons who followed as well!

Congratulations Ditte for a great work!!

Proud supervisor and proud PhD-holder!

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